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Commercial Real Estate Investing is being transformed by the same tectonic change and upheaval that is being witnessed worldwide on all fronts.

Connectivity, coupled with an onslaught of information and unprecedented technological innovation, is drowning old paradigms in a sea of debt that cannot and will not be repaid.

Economies undergo fitful starts and stops and will experience additional financial and political shocks, but we’re confident we humans will ultimately make the difficult but necessary choices required to get back on track to sustainable long term growth.

It won’t be quick or easy; it’s likely to get very dicey, but we’ve done it before and we can do it again.

Market values will collapse, as interest rates have only one way to go and that’s up. Attractive cash-flow opportunities lie ahead.

Investors Property Services doesn’t follow the crowd from bauble to bubble to crash.

We travel the nation, identifying and acquiring for cash, severely distressed commercial properties from owners who are willing to immediately sell for pennies on the dollar.

Properties must possess intrinsic characteristics that provide enduring value whether markets are up, down or sideways.

Yes, it’s a challenging world, but that’s no excuse to just hang out while the greatest commercial real estate investing opportunity since the First Great Depression gets going.

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